Triple wooden stacker

Wooden triple stacking toy for kids is an educational toy to build child’s imagination. Wooden pyramid, building toy is handmade and unique. Stacking toy consists of 15 rings from almost different wood, which are stacked on a wooden sticks. This educational toy is created from different types of natural wood. Handmade wooden toy is a perfect gift for kids.

Why wooden toys from real wood?
# Provides kids with entertainment.
# Boosts learning and development, educates.
# Natural and eco – friendly.
# Every toy is unique.

Toy specifications:
# Height: 16 cm
# Diameter of rings: 3-6 cm
# Thickness of one ring: about 1.5 cm
# For kids from 3 years.
# Kids should not put parts of the toy in their mouth.
# Types of wood: ash, oak, birch, black and white alder, hornbeam, maple, linden, aspen, hazel, rowan and etc.
# Colors: natural, depends on the tree that is used to make it.

Also you can find this product on ETSY.