Wooden Bulb Lamp

Handmade vintage wooden lamp with BIRCH wood stand is an ideal decorative accessory for your home or commercial space.

It’s spreads a warm light that really highlights its beautiful rustic design.

Wooden lamp placed on a desk or table is a true eye-catcher with its wooden body, natural colours and Edison lamp.

Complete with power cable and light source.

Why Woody-vintage lamp from real wood?

# Brings outdoor to your cozy home.

# Natural and eco – friendly.

# Every lamp stand is unique, has unique shape and smell.


# Height: 13 cm (5.8")

# Diameter: 10 cm (3.15")

# Stands type of wood: birch

# Colors: natural, depends on the tree that is used to make it.

# Item is made from natural Lithuanian dried wood.

# Power cable length 1.5m.

Decorative lamp:

# Voltage: 230V

# Type: LED

# Power 1.8-5W

# Lighting duration: 25 000 h

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